The Curious Coach Podcast

Interview: Jean François Cousin, MCC

April 29, 2020

Welcome to the latest full-length episode of The Curious Coach Podcast during which I had the pleasure of interviewing Jean François Cousin, an executive coach based in Thailand.  In 2019 he was the chair of the global board of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  In 2015 he published a book called Game Changers at the Circus:  How Leaders Can Unleash Greatness in Their Organisations.  Along the way, he’s also logged over 12,000 hours coaching!

In this extensive interview we’ll hear about some of the mistakes and learnings that he made along the way, the importance of authenticity, finding your niche, how he came to be involved with the ICF and how he missed out on a dream gig which would have involved coaching in the Maldives.  We’ll also hear his thoughts on the future of coaching and how this may be disrupted by technology such as AI.  In fact, we covered a lot! 

Full show notes, and further information can be found on the show page:

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