The Curious Coach Podcast

Interview: Tracy Sinclair, PCC

June 30, 2020

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Tracy Sinclair.  Tracy is an executive coach, coach trainer, coach mentor, coach supervisor and much much more!  And if that wasn’t enough, Tracy also serves on global board of the ICF.   In our conversation we talked about her own journey from working in the financial services industry by day, whilst supporting drug and alcohol addicts and their families as a counsellor at night; how she then discovered coaching; her own beliefs and thoughts around the potential for coaching to really impact societal change; right through to her writing a book that aims to bring the new ICF competencies to life – and much more!

I really enjoyed this interview.  The depth, the richness and in some ways, how passionate Tracy is for the coaching profession.  ‘Evangelic’ is a word that pops up during this interview;  and it does seem very fitting.  

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